Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to stay at Icehotel SL!

The Icehotel SL is a place where you can rent a beautiful cottage and live in a peaceful and private settings. You can also hire one of our rooms at the the hotel. We have tried to create a community where you can unwind and feel safe and comfortable.

You get to live in the cottage or the hotel room that you have rented and consider it your own private place. We will lock your doors and do our best to ensure your privacy and comfort.

You may use the public spaces on the land such as trekking routes for own enjoyment and the enjoyment of your guests.

The cottages are furnished including very expensive animated beds (Sexgen, Akaesha's or Henmations), the rooms coming with beds built are by Jesper Prinz.

All available cottages and rooms have a large box in the front. Click the sign to find out the weekly rent amount and the prim allowance. If you want to rent the cottage, right click and pay the sign a minimum of one week's rent to a maximum of twelve weeks rent. At that point the sign will disappear and turn into a small cube. Jesper Prinz or Ewa Aska will be notified that you have rented the cottage or the room and will contact you ASAP to make sure you are all set up.

The sign will automatically remind you when you have seven days left on your lease, three days left, one day left, last day, and then will inform you when your lease has expired. You can also click on the cube at any time to find out how many days you have remaining.

Icehotel SL is set in mature sims and what you do in the privacy of your own cottage or room is your business--unless it disturbs your neighbors or is illegal or breaks the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you joined SL.

Never hesitate to IM Jesper Prinz or Ewa Aska. We are very responsive and will do all we can to make your home a pleasant one.

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