Monday, February 9, 2009

The contest and the carneval

Yesterday we had the very last event under the White Room flag. And when Ewa and I took a breather on our bed when all guests had left, we said to eachother at the same time: "Thank god its over".

It was months ago since I closed down the gallery and we have focused hard on the new sim, the wedding and ofcourse build up a new life togheter. So the final was a bit odd to do really.

Anyhow, we had 5 finalists (Dakotah, Ninna, Niya, Second and Honey) and 2 out of 3 jury members ranked Ninna Dazys work of art as no 1:)

Congrads Ninna and I hope you enjoy the gallery/shop at our sim:) I know you will do great things there!

Right after the cermony we kicked off the Carneval and ppl had done a really good job dressing up!

It was a funny night but also a relief that the White Room is behind us:)And be sure that the carneval will be back next year!

This coming Sunday at 2 PM we will do a totally different event, Enniv Zarf, aka Paul Kwo will have piano concert. It will be the opening ceremony for the Icetheatre SL.

See you there!

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