Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nothing for shy avas!

Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent; the main events are usually during January and February. And our will be on Feb 8th 1 PM SLT.

The main thing is the celebrate the finalists in the photocontest and especially the one and only winner.

The stream is soon loaded with some good brazilian tunes and PetGirl Bergman has promised us to dance lambada. Isnt that something?!

So please join us and have a good time!

Dresscode is Carnival and what is that: Well its your imagination that is the limit really. Circus, Street party, masquerade or whatever.

See you on Sunday!

Ewa & Jesper

PS Sundays are peeking login wise (How many were online this weekend? 82K?) so pls deactivate your grouptags, leave your xcite- and other scripted stuff in your pocket to reduce lag a bit.

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