Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling lost?

Well, who doesnt sometimes?

Anyway, lots of avas are working with RL charity in SL. And I wont bitch on that. As long as ppl are happy, I am happy. And spreading the RL message inside SL is ofcourse a good thing to do.

I have taken an active part (art shows, auctions) in several of SL charity programmes directed to RL (Relay for Life e.g.), but nowadays I just do it in RL since I think the efficency is far too low in SL. At the end of the day its the amount of money collected that counts really.

I am an active member in two RL charity/human rights organizations and and I have no intention to stop that.

But our friends Lio and Jo have set up a programme helping avas out, deeded some land and I really like the idea. SL Charity towards avatars, I really like how you are thinking guys!

Kick off Saturday!

See you there!