Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sandhya2 Patel - New Works

Friday Feb 27 8:00pm at the Chupacabra Gallery at Lauk's Nest!

sandhya2 Patel is back!

The Lauk's Nest Community is sponsoring an exhibit of new 2-dimensional and 2-dimensional art by sandhya2 Patel at the Chupacabra Gallery at Lauk's Nest, with the opening scheduled for 8:00pm on Friday, Feb 27.

Most of these paintings have not been seen in Second Life until this exhibit and Sandhya is excited to be showing these works. Included in this show are abstract works and fun robot sculptures.

A real-life illustrator, Sandhya love to do art in Second Life as well. Sandhya's work will be displayed at the Chupacabra Gallery from Feb 27 to Mar 13.

To see more of Sandhya's work, visit her gallery and her aquatic fantasy store.

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