Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Important message from HOTS ROCK ticket reservation!

The Hots Rock tickets are out of sale! A syndicate of black-marketeers have bought every single ticket we got for Saturdays concert in order to do the big bucks!

So when you arriving to the Icehotel Arena and you are molested by those ruthless gangsters: DONT BUY THEIR SKYHIGH EXPENSIVE TICKETS! And dont buy their other goods they will offer you, they are just cheap copies or stolen!

a) Dont start arguing with them, they can be very dangerous
b) stay calm
c) write down their names and give it to me or Ewa and we will have them group-permabanned from all SL!

So dont buy the expensive tickets, take this (free) SLURL instead.

Thank you for your co-opertation!

Saturday Augusti 8
11:30 AM - 12:00 AM Warmup with Jesper Prinz in the DJ booth
12:00PM - 01:00 PM HOTS ROCK
22.00 - til late Afterparty

All times are preliminary since the divas in HOTS ROCK are hmm a bit erratic....


♥ Lolita ♥ said...

I've read all about them I think I'm going to have to drag Basil on over this Saturday so we can hear them. *Smiles* I think all I'll have to do is tell him we are going to a concert where Hot Chicks are singing and he'll be the one dragging me. Hee hee I'll try to avoid the ticket scalpers that's for the warnings. lol

:: Lolita ::

Jesper Prinz said...

you and Basil are very welcome!