Friday, August 21, 2009

Care for a crayfish ass?

The Swedish Crayfish Party 28th August 2009!

Ewa, Tina and I did the Midsummer event and now we are on the move again!

Hearty welcome to the Swedish Institute and the CRAYFISH PARTY!
21:00 CET - 12:00 PM SLT.

A crayfish party is a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in the Nordic countries. The tradition originated in Sweden, where a crayfish party is called a kräftskiva. The tradition has also spread to Finland via the Swedish-speaking population of that country.

Crayfish parties are generally held during August, a tradition that started because crayfish harvesting in Sweden was, for most of the 20th century, legally limited to late summer.

Today, the “kräftpremiär” date in early August has no legal significance. Dining is traditionally outdoors, but in practice the party is often driven indoors by bad weather or aggressive mosquitoes:)

Customary party accessories are comical paper hats, paper tablecloths, paper lanterns (often depicting the Man in the Moon), and bibs. A rowdy atmosphere prevails amid noisy eating and traditional drinking songs (snapsvisa). It is culturally correct to suck the juice out of the crayfish before shelling it.


The Swedish Crayfish Party at stage:

21-22 Angelica Svenska

Angelica is a very cute girl from Sweden with the voice of an angel and some cool rhythmic guitarplaying.
She got her first guitar when she was 6 years old, but started playing more seriously when she was 17.
Angelica has an eclectic taste in music and has written a couple of her own songs, but in addition to that she plays covers of songs by : Jason Mraz, Take that, Colbie Caillat, Neil Diamond.. etc.
Angelica loves to entertain in Secondlife and never fails to please her ever growing following.
Check her out , you will not be disappointed!

22-23 Ernst Edman - One more of our famous Swedish artists in SL - he sings country - and are welcome back as we all remember him from last years succé at Lucia:-)

23-24 Jazon DJ

Hi, my name is Jazon and i work as a DJ in Second Life. I play mostly techno, house and random high-bpm "party music". I come from Sweden and are 28 years old. Iv been djing about a year where it at first started as some fun with a couple of friends and now im a working djin Second Life.


What are Swedish Crayfish?

In English:
På Svenska:

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