Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introducing The Backpacker Xpose

Lots of people are coming to our sim and take the treeking route by feet or by horse, and lately they have been dressed up properly; boots, backpacks etc. Some have bought their stuff in our shop, some in others around SL.

But this so fun! However Ewa came up with the brilliant idea of making an animated backpacker and within a second we called the ladies at PRIME Furniture who liked the idea big time!

And now the Backpacker Xpose is born which is a unique product in SL, emerging from a cooperation between the IceHotel SL and PRIME Furniture.

The Backpacker Xpose is not just a backpack, it is a complete hike on your back.

Wear the wearable backpack while you walk, and rez the scripted version on the ground at your camp.

The Backpacker Xpose is filled with more than 250 top quality animations, each of them adjusted to fit the "average SL Couple". This means you may need to adjust the poses a little bit if you or your partner is larger or smaller than the average. This is easily done by choosing options (owner only) and adjust. Once you save the poses, the backpack will remember them until you reset scripts. To avoid losing the positions, choose backup in the options menu, and copy/paste the report from chat into the .positions notecard.

You can buy your copy of The Backpacker Xpose at the Icehotel Store, The PRIME Furnitures stores or on Xstreet!

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