Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank god we bought a private full sim

When Ewa and I bought the Icehotel SL-sim we didn’t know what we did to be honest. We knew that we didn’t want that kind of sim we had earlier (anyone remember the sim crash?) but none of us are the manual-reading type. We just took a shot in the dark really. But what a lucky-shot!

Yesterday we also decided to buy another sim and put it together with the public one we have. This move will take place in September.

Yesterdays Evergreens Show with Carmen Roeth would have been disaster on another type of sim. We were almost 60 at the sim at the same time without much lag. More than 100 during the whole event. And Yes! we really partied all night! When did we went to sleep babe? 3 am our time? The birds twittered loud and clear outside anyway

However, thanks Carmen for a great show and thanks all guests coming. We have tons in pipeline so check this site up and join our in-world group!

See you at the Icehotel SL

Ewa & Jesper

PS Hopefully Ewa took some pics but she is having her beauty sleep right now. I totally forgot…again!

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